Big Electricity Subsidy Changes Announced By CM Kejriwal, To Come Into Force From 1st October!!

The Delhi government has decided that from October 1, only those people in the capital will be given electricity subsidy, who will ask for it. Now all consumers will be given the option to give up subsidy or continue to get free electricity from October 1. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that there is free electricity up to 200 units, half the bill from 200 to 400 units. There was demand by some people, when they can pay electricity bill then why are they being given subsidy and therefore give us a choice whether we want to pay the bill or not.

The Chief Minister said that the old scheme would continue till September 30. From October 1, only those who will apply will get the subsidy. Today we are releasing the ways to apply.

Arvind Kejriwal said that earlier there used to be a lot of electricity failure in Delhi but we have fixed it by working very hard. Now 24 hours electricity is in Delhi, the Chief Minister told that there are 58 lakh domestic consumers in Delhi. 47 lakh families get subsidy. The bill of 30 lakh families comes to zero and the electricity bill of 17 lakh families comes to half.

Apply for electricity subsidy

The Chief Minister said that a form will come with the electricity bill, by filling that form, you can submit it where you go to deposit the bill. You can also miss call on 70113111111. After that a link will appear in a message and click on it. A form will open on your WhatsApp. You can submit it by filling it.