ASIGMA: An Indigenous Messenger App Launched By The Indian Army

ASIGMA [Army Secure IndiGeneous Messaging Application] is a state of the art web application has been launched by the Indian Army. This application is the hard work of officers of the corps of signals of the Army. It is the product of the hard work of the in house team of our Army, thus supporting the Make In India motto too. ASIGMA will be replacing the present application in use the AWAN [Army Wide Area Network]. AWAN is used by the Indian Army over 15 years now.


ASIGMA App details:

The app is a messaging application which will fulfill the requirement of messaging prioritisation and tracking, dynamic global address book, multi level security and other options for the Indian Army. The main aim of launching the app is to provide a very secure messaging network for the internal communication subjected to the privacy of the Indian Army. It is futuristic messaging application which will meet real time data transfer and messaging requirements of the Army. ASIGMA will field the Army owned hardware and comes with a life time support system with future upgrades. The Army is also willing to move in the direction of paperless work atmosphere as much as possible.

It is a new generation application which has been designed keeping in mind the present geopolitical security needs. Specially geopolitical security issues related with China and Pakistan. As seen in last few years, the Pakistan Intelligence always try to breech the security of our army personnel through watsapp groups. Last year, the Indian Army introduced another messaging app called SAI [Security Application for the Internet]. SAI is meant for voice text and video calling services over android smartphones.


A nation’s security is a very important matter for the countries all over the world. In the age of the digital medium, apps and social media platforms are always at a risk of getting preached and hacked. So such steps ensures that our system is always on alert when it comes to the issue of national security. We all know that every year so many lives are taken by the anti terrorist activities and such applications helps in maintaining the security of the Army. In addition to this digitalization and cyber security are two sides of a coin both are deeply connected to each other. We hope such developments strengthens our security further more for the betterment of the nation.