Apple Ditches China: iPhone 14 To Not Use Chinese Camera; Know Reason!

New revelations are being made daily about Apple’s upcoming smartphone iPhone 14. One such new revelation has come, which can bring a smile to your face.

Actually, according to the new report, Apple has done away with the Chinese camera used in the iPhone. The Chinese front used in the iPhone will no longer be used in the iPhone 14. According to the new report, the front camera of South Korean company Sony will be used instead of the Chinese front camera in iPhone 14, as well as Sony’s front camera will be used in iPhone 15. Let us tell you that the Chinese company has been supplying the front camera for the iPhone for a long time.

Apple iPhone 14 price will increase

South Korean company LG’s use of the front camera in the upcoming iPhone 14 smartphone, especially in India, is happy. But it will have some side effects of its own. Meaning the use of LG Innotek in iPhone 14 is expected to increase the price of the phone. It is expected that the iPhone 14 will cost more than the iPhone 13. However, the advantage of this will be that a lot of detailed photos and videos can be clicked from the front camera. Meaning if you are a selfie lover, then you will be given a lot of features in the upcoming iPhone 14.

You will be able to click great selfies

Let us know that the low-end front camera was given in Apple iPhone 13, in comparison with which high-end camera support will now be given. We all know that All of Apple’s iPhones have a great camera system and quality on the rear panel. The front camera of the iPhone 14 will get support for optical image stabilization and other software features. The South Korean brand is making rear cameras for Apple. But now the company has given the responsibility of making a selfie camera for the iPhone 14 to LG’s Innotek