Anna Hazare Furious Over Maharashtra Decision To Sell Wine; Says, “Alcoholism Will Increase”

Social worker Anna Hazare has strongly opposed the sale of wine in malls, supermarkets and grocery stores in Maharashtra. He said on Monday that this decision of the state government is unfortunate.

Hazare, a veteran social worker, said, “It is the government’s responsibility to motivate people to quit drugs, but I am surprised to know that the state government is taking such decisions for financial benefits.” This will lead to an addiction to alcohol among people.

Promote Fruit-Based Wineries

Maharashtra skill development minister Nawab Malik had said last Thursday that the state cabinet has decided to promote fruit-based wineries in the state. This will give additional income to the farmers. Defending the decision of the state government, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut had said that wine is not liquor. It is made from fruits and the purpose of this decision is to double the income of the farmers. Along with this, he accused the BJP of not doing anything for the farmers. On the other hand, Maharashtra BJP is also opposing the decision of the ruling Shiv Sena-led Maha Aghadi government in the state.

Sad That Such Decisions Are Made For The Sake Of Revenue

On the contrary, Hazare’s statement said that it is the responsibility of the government to free people from addiction to drugs, alcohol, but it is sad to see that such decisions are being taken only to increase the revenue income. Opposing the decision, Hazare said that the state government has recently decided to sell wine at supermarkets and grocery stores. This decision is unfortunate for the people of Maharashtra.

The state government said that this decision has been taken in the interest of farmers. He also says that wine is not alcohol.

Hazare said that the public is opposing this decision, but those who are in the government are defending it. It is unfortunate that the government is giving priority to the sale of liquor to generate revenue.

One Thousand Crore Liters Of Wine Selling Target

While discussing the interests of the farmers, Hazare said that the central and state governments should give a fair price to the farmers for their produce. But instead, the government is setting a target of selling one thousand crore litres of wine in a year. This means that if people become addicted to drugs, then the government will not make any difference.

Anna Hazare also said that in November last year, the Maharashtra government reduced the excise duty on imported Scotch whiskey by 50 per cent. He said that the government plans to increase the revenue from the sale of liquor from Rs 100 crore to Rs 250 crore.