AAP Opposes MCD From Increasing House Tax: Learn Costs Of Living In Delhi

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has written to the MCD special officer Ashwini Kumar to resist any suggestion of a hike in house tax.
Citing news reports said that the MCD may increase house tax which will become a financial load on the Delhi inhabitant. MCD is supposed to collect house tax of ₹4,700 crores from more than 2.7 million registered properties, but only ₹1,750 crores reach the treasury. Every year, around ₹3,000 crore in house tax income is fritter away because of corruption. If this huge gap between the expected amount and the actual amount MCD collects is collected, there will be no requirement to hike the house tax,” Durgesh Pathak said in his statement.

He also added that AAP has many suggestions that he would like to discuss with the new special officer of MCD.

An MCD spokesperson spoke in his statement that the corporation is arranging all required resources to argue taxpayers’ base and hike property tax assemble. The total property tax assemble for FY 2021-22 is Rs2,032 crore and not Rs1,750 crore. It is not worth more than 1.1 million properties gave tax in 2021-22. More than 95% of the tax has been paid online, which is a revolution.

There has been an emphasis after the observation of property possessions, and scrutiny of property tax refund and fresh assessment if needed,” Mr Pathak added in his statement.

After the centre merged the three MCDs into one civic body, a special officer was made in charge of the deliberative wing (which consists of the elected councillors) until fresh elections were held. All proposals from the executive wing, headed by the commissioner, need ratification by the special officer.

Pathak on five July states that Delhi residents are already deeply in a dilemma because of the financial losses incurred during the pandemic. “Many Delhi residents have lost their businesses and jobs while the incomes of many have decreased significantly. now An increase in the house tax will be a new form of financial torture for Delhiites,” he said.