2024 General Elections: Nitish Kumar Seen As PM Face Against Narendra Modi

Nitish Kumar, who took oath as the CM of Bihar for the eighth time this week, responded to a repeatedly requested inquiry ever since the unrest in the state developed newly – Does he desire to head for the prime minister’s post in the 2024 federal elections? The search is being questioned after he split links with the BJP to replace the Mahagathbandhan or the ‘luxury alliance’.

His response, which carries energy with his switching of flanks, comes after several Bihar authorities this week reacted to the inquiry by communicating – “Why not?”.

On being informed that he is being considered the beginning of the prime minister race for 2024, Nitish Kumar briefed journalists on Friday with a smile and tucked hands: “Listen, brother, I have nothing of this sort in my soul.”

“We will push that all groups join arrows to move forward. This will be very useful. Someone’s problems will be presented.”

Next, when he was questioned what will be his position in the opponent’s harmony, Kumar announced: “We would want that everyone is joint. A lot of individuals have been calling.”.

“We are having conversations. We will attack regional problems first, then (go national),” the Bihar chief minister further expressed.

The dramatic arc of affairs in Bihar – Nitish Kumar joining energies with the RJD and the Congress – has arrived weeks after the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress administration in Maharashtra crumpled as Sena rebel Eknath Shinde united with the BJP to form the government and ultimately become the chief minister of Bihar.

The opposition groups have been pushing tough to put up a powerful front against the tough BJP, which has developed its nationwide impression rapidly since it arrived in administration and created the central administration in 2014.