Caste: The Linchpin Of Indian State

The constitution drafted by Dr. Ambedkar, endeavors to give a political voice to the disempowered faction of this country. Still, the grim tale of casteism cripples India even after countless years of the constitution coming into effect. Stifling and neglecting the voices of this very section of the society. Recent Pivotal Points of Caste Discourse JJ Gnaavel's Jai Bhim premiered on Amazon prime, staring the Tamil superstar Suriya. Hailed as one of the best to come out of Tamil cinema this year, Jai Bhim does not shy away from showing the brutalities of the system. It shows that at its core the police atrocities and group criminality are very much a caste issue. Dominant castes usually resist the democratization of social relations and status of Dalits by schooling them via subjugat...

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