Hate Speech Saga Needs To Be Addressed, Threat To Our Integrity: IIM’s Students And Staff Writes To The PM

Hate Speech Saga continues to draw attention from different sections of society. This includes students, teachers, intellects, educationists, lawyers, etc. The recent one to stand against it is the IIM's Students and staff members. They have written an open letter to Prime Minister Mr. Modi regarding the Dharam Sansad events which recently took place in a different part of the country. These Dharam Sansad events are promoting hate speech against Muslims by the Hindu religious representatives. IIM faculty has written to the PM stating " Your silence, Honourable Prime Minister, emboldens the hate-filled voices and threatens the unity and integrity of our country. We request you to stand firm against forces that seek to divide us". Letter to the PM from IIM students and faculty Hate Sp...

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