Philippines Archipelago Ravaged By Super Typhoon!

July to October is considered the typhoon season in Philippines but the recent typhoon Rai that slammed the  archipelago came late in the season on 16 Dec i.e. last Thursday. Bohol with 94 dead till last Monday was the most devastated islands. Survey of Ubay, a tourist town in Bohol gives a very grim picture of total devastation, it appears as if the town had been bombed in a war. Almost all the houses have been blown off or just flattened, hundred of fishing boats are lying totally ravaged. The toll till Monday stood at 375 dead, 56 missing and 380000 homeless. The survivors need drinking water, food and medicines desperately. The super storm broke tall trees, uprooted a very large number of trees, blew off roofs, up rooted and bent the electricity poles disrupting...

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