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What is Norovirus That Has Been Spreading In Wayanad, Kerala?

Kerala has been alerted due to the 13 reported cases of Norovirus. The cases are recorded, two weeks ago, from a veterinary college in Pookode near Vythiri in Wayanad district. Amid the acute spread of disease, State Health Minister, Veena George, has asked people to maintain proper hygiene and be more vigilant. Kerala Health Minister issued guidelines for the prevention of Norovirus "Currently there is no cause for concern but everyone should be vigilant. Activities including super chlorination are underway. Drinking water sources need to be ensured to be hygienic," she had said. "With proper prevention and treatment, the disease can be cured quickly. Therefore, everyone should be aware of the disease and its means of prevention," she added. 13 cases of Norovirus have been confi...

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Should India Be Worried About Pakistan’s New Ambassador To USA?

Ambassador Masood Khan is a seasoned career diplomat and was previously ‘President’ of POK. Will Khan’s appointment as US Ambassador affect the US stand on the Kashmir issue? The new Ambassador of Pakistan to the USA and Ex ‘President’ of POK Masood Khan. The appointment of the ex ‘president’ of POK as Pakistan’s latest ambassador to the USA should be a matter of concern to at least a few heads in the South Block offices. Masood Khan is not an average ex-politician elevated to a cushy diplomatic posting. This man is a seasoned career-diplomat, with extensive experience of both international diplomacy and internal politics in Pakistan. His appointment has raised some concerns over whether or not he can successfully sway the White House’s stand on the Kashmir issue. Pakistan as we ...

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‘I Was Invited To The Alleged Drug-On-Cruise Party’ Says Congress Minister

The case of drug on the cruise is getting more and more tangled with the introduction and addition of celebrities. Aryan Khan, son of SRK, served days in Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai. Now, the case has taken a new twist with the statement of Maharashtra Minister, Aslam Shaikh.  The remarks came just a day after the NCP’s Nawab Malik claimed that Kashif Khan, one of the organizers of the cruise party had planned to get Mr. Shaikh and children of top state government officials to attend the party. The whole drug-busting case is questioned and remarked as being pre-planned. He has stated that he was contacted by Kashif Khan on 2nd October to attend the cruise party in which the drugs were openly circulated. Narcotics Control Bureau busted the party and arrested multiple people including Ar...

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Kangana Ranaut’s Comment ‘Freedom Of 1947 Was Bheek’, Embarked Outrage; Complaint Filed Under Sedition Charges

Four times national award winner, Kangana Ranaut, has been yet again landed in the controversy. Recently, a complaint has been filed for her derogatory comment over the National Freedom. While at a summit, she stated that India got ‘real freedom’ in 2014. In her statement, she was addressing when BJP came into power, and further said, independence in 1947 was ‘bheek’ (alms). BJP MP, Varun Gandhi, shared a 24-second clip on Twitter. In which Kangana can be seen referring to independence as ‘bheek’ at the event organized by some channel. Complaint filed against Kangana over her derogatory comments for Independence "It is an anti-national act and must be called out as such. To not do so would be a betrayal of all those who shed blood so that today we may stand tall and free as a nat...

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Is India’s Congress Party In A State Of Self-Destruct?

In Punjab, where innocent Indians were massacred by British colonial control at Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar has just undergone a major refurbishment. Jallianwala Bagh has been "Disneyified" by the BJP administration, according to Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi, and only a person who does not understand the meaning of sacrifice can inflict such an insult on the victims. These states, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan, have been in the headlines recently because of infighting among their ranks. Bhupesh Baghel, the vibrant chief minister of Chhattisgarh, led his followers to New Delhi in a show of strength to wipe out any threat to his position from his party opponent T.S. Deo last month, much to the displeasure of the Congress Party high command. It was anticipated that the party...

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