Women And Their Workplaces: Why Is It So Tough?

In recent news, a man appeared semi-nude for a virtual hearing where Former Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaisingh was representing the victim. Ms Jaisingh has filed a case of sexual harassment against the un-named man as she said that he appeared in a semi-naked state for a full 20 minutes despite raising objections against his state of undress. Ms. Jaisingh also said that such a conduct in public was highly demeaning to a woman. Just a day back, an Ola driver was suspended for masturbating in front of a female passenger. One question that pops up in one’s mind is from where do these men find the guts to behave like that and pat comes the reply: our nature of not holding men accountable for their actions. We see it happen, everywhere, at any time. 78% of women have experience...

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