Priyanka’s Slogan Became A Hit, Netizens Are Making Videos On Instagram Reels

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi's slogan 'Main ladki hoon, I can fight' has become a hit. Not only it is discussed in political parties, but common people are also humming it by giving it the form of a song. On social media, girls are making videos by adding this to short video apps like Instagram Reels, Takatak, and Chingari. There have been more than seven thousand posts related to this on Instagram alone. Some user has even created an Insta account with the name 'Main Ladki hoon, I can fight'. More than 700 people have joined it. Similarly, on Twitter and Facebook, a large number of girls are sharing this song by making videos. Women and girls of all classes are making videos related to this. Instagram user Yamini Verma has shared the video on this song. Along with thi...

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