A Bitter Water War Between Andhra Pradesh And Telangana

A bitter water war between AP and Telangana has escalated  since the bifurcation of the states. Very recently the police forces of two states were drawn  into a stand off  at the common water reservoirs as a result of Jala (water) Jagadam (fight) between the two states. This is a sad repetition of an incident in 2015 - when the police of two states came to blows over the same dispute. Despite the improvement of relation between two states after Y. S. Jagan Mogan Reddy came to power in 2019, the politics of the region hinges on sharing of Krishna water and the issues related to that. THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM Telangana needs Krishna water for its projects such as - Jurala, srisailam, Nagarjuna Sagar and Pulichintala for hydropower generation. It is being alleged by AP that Telangan...

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