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“Congress Built Rail, Airport And BJP lost It In Seven Years,” Claimed Priyanka Gandhi

Congress national general secretary and Uttar Pradesh in-charge Priyanka Gandhi reached Gorakhpur on Sunday. Here Champa Devi is simultaneously managing 41 seats of Gorakhpur-Basti division from Park. She said that this government is spewing fire against the people instead of helping people, atrocities are being committed. Priyanka Gandhi said that I went to Prayagraj Baswar village a few months ago, where the police had burnt the boat of Nishads. If anyone has the right over the river, then it belongs to the Nishads. Today the farmer is harassed and the government is not listening to them at all. Priyanka said that the rule of Yogi Adityanath is running completely different from the thoughts of Guru Gorakhnath ji. Where people are struggling and where help is needed, the govern...

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