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14 Civilians Killed ‘Mistakenly’ By The Army Para Commandos In Nagaland

The Para Special forces of Army open fired on a van carrying local coal miners, mistaken them as insurgents, in Mon district of Nagaland. The open fire resulted in killing of 6 civilians. The whole incident took place on Saturday, 4th December. Angered by the happening, villagers attacked and started firing the soldier’s vehicle, killing 7 more civilians. One soldier is also reported to be dead in the firing. On Sunday, the anguish curtailed forward, wherein mob attacked the Assam Rifle camp. It resulted in killing of 1 more civilian. A poster displayed in the Mon district of Nagaland after open firing by Army Army has released a statement, saying: "Based on credible intelligence of likely movement of insurgents, a specific operation was planned to be conducted in the area of Tir...

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