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PM Modi’s Photo In The Hindu Mahasabha Office Taken Down After Repeal Of Farm Laws

In a 30-sec video clip from the Hindu Mahasabha office, officials are seen taking PM Modi’s photograph from the wall. It was later replaced with Savarkar’s photograph. PM’s photograph was recently taken down from the Hindu Mahasabha office. PM Modi had barely finished his speech declaring the repeal of the controversial farm laws before the internet witnessed a large-scale meltdown from India’s angry and disillusioned right-wing. Many hardcore, longtime loyalists were seen criticising PM Modi for what they perceived to be an unpardonable sign of weakness in someone they considered a strong leader. Ranging from irate, to sad, to downright funny there was an entire range of emotions and outbursts on full and unrestrained display. Somewhere in the midst of all that internet and soc...

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