CBSE English Class 10 Exam Sparks Row, Congress And DCW Condemns The Regressive Outlook!

CBSE's English Class 10 exam sparks a row as a result of a controversial passage, Congress and DCW strongly condemns the regressive outlook. According to reports the comprehension passage is regressive , anti-feminist and promotes gender stereotypes too. The Congress party chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi expressed her views in the parliament. The DCW [Delhi Commission for Women] has issued a notice in this matter to the CBSE board. CBSE's English Class 10 Controversial Passage Details: CBSE's English Class 10 passage spoke of "emancipation of the wife, destroying parents' authority over children and how a wife's authority depends on the formal obedience" she gave to the husband. Such phrases and words has caused a uproar on social media and famous political personalities condemning th...

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