Rahul Gandhi Targets ‘Sacrifice, Unemployment, Inflation And Capitalists’, Have A Glimpse Of Rally

Former Congress President and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi reached Dehradun on Thursday. Here he concocted the election campaign while addressing the Vijay Samman rally. Before addressing the rally, the Congress leader honored the brave sons of 1971 war present on the stage with shawls and emblems. After this, Rahul said that he and Uttarakhand have a relationship of sacrifice. My father and grandmother gave their blood for this country. Similarly, thousands of families of Uttarakhand have made sacrifices for the motherland. This thing will not be understood by those people whose families have not made such sacrifices. Rahul said that today the country is being divided, it is being weakened. One brother is being fought with another brother. The whole government is being run for two-three c...

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