Madhya Pradesh: Commissionerate System Implemented In Indore And Bhopal, ADG Level Officers Will Become Commissioners

Madhya Pradesh government has issued notification of Police Commissioner system in Indore and Bhopal. ADGP level officers will be the commissioners in both the cities. 38 police stations of Bhopal and 36 police stations of Indore will come under commissioner system. The new commissioners will be announced in a week. Home Minister and State Government Spokesperson Dr. Narottam Mishra made this announcement in a press conference in Bhopal. ADG/IG level officer will be the Police Commissioner in Bhopal. There will be two additional police commissioners to assist them. After that there will be 8 DCP, 10 ADCP, 33 ACP, 1 SP for rural area. Similarly, there will be slight change in the sanctioned posts in Indore. To help the police commissioner in Indore, there will be two additional commissi...

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