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Here’s Everything About World’s First Living Robots That Can Reproduce!

Artificial intelligence has made a profound leap by creating robots that can give rise to offspring. Scientists from US named as Sam Kriegman, Douglas Blackiston, Michael Levin and Josh Bongard has created the first living robots and they claim that they can now reproduce on their own.  The parent robot and babies are called Xenobots 3.0 which are entirely biological in nature. Now lets look at what are Xenobots. Xenobots are world’s first living robots developed in 2020 from stem cells of the African clawed frog – Xenopus laevis by US scientists. Experiments revealed that these cluster cells could move, work together in groups and self – heal. They are different from other robots as they are made of aluminum, plastics, spur gears or sprockets. They are a combination of molecul...

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