The suicide of MS Dhoni star Sushant Singh Rajput has spurred a debate in the entire industry. Many believe that nepotism didn’t let Sushant fly as high as he wanted, which killed him from the inside and he took his own life. However, there are others who feel that Sushant Singh Rajput had a very high IQ and couldn’t survive in the industry. Now, actress Zareen Khan has come out with some really valid questions that all of us should be asking the industry.

Zareen Khan

Zareen Khan took to her Instagram and shared a few questions that were going through her head. Zareen Khan wrote, “There are so many whys in my head right now…Why does person have to die for the world to understand his/her worth? Why is a person not appreciated when he/she is alive , the way he/she is being after no more? Why do people have no idea about the person’s life, have so many opinions and things to say when that person is dead ? Why is being a genius/ having a high IQ identified as being mentally ill/unstable ?” Check out the post below:

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Zareen Khan further added, “Why has social media become the validation for your happiness and identification of your grief ? Why has the world turned so cruel that a person’s death has become a money making/ TRP garnering business? Why? Why? Just Why ?”

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