Which is Worth Sipping: Smoothie or Juice?

By Fakeha Anis

With more people switching to healthier ways of living life and indulging themselves in consuming the right kind of foods, there is this decade-old debate still going on between the foodies: Which one provides more health benefits- Smoothie or juice. Let’s divulge some key facts about them.


A drink made from the blend of whole vegetables and fruits is called smoothie.

  • In this, all the nutrients present in fruits and veggies are kept intact.
  • The indigestible fiber part of the produce is included in a smoothie drink. The fiber is broken apart and this ensures easier digestion of fruits and veggies. Due to the presence of fiber, a smoothie drink becomes more filling for the body. It reduces hunger pangs and thus, aids in losing weight.
  • It cleanses the digestive system which is another strategy for losing weight effectively.
  • Smoothies cause slow and even release of nutrients in the body for absorption. Hence, it does not cause a rise in blood sugar levels. It can be recommended for people suffering from high blood sugar levels.

A proper mix of fruits and veggies is something to look out for while preparing a smoothie. If it is made from a blend of a lot of food products, it will be high in calories.  Another thing to keep in mind while consuming a smoothie is that it is a full-fledged meal. So, you need not eat your meal if you are drinking a smoothie. If you take it with your meal, you are unknowingly consuming two meals at a time. This will hamper the weight loss process or can even lead to weight gain.


A drink that extracts the nutrients and water from the fruits and vegetables but leaves behind the indigestible fiber part of these is known as a juice.

  • The indigestible fiber part of the produce is not included in a juice drink. So, the digestive system does not need to work hard on absorbing nutrients.
  • Generally, the juice is recommended in case of an illness that prevents or affects the processing of fiber by the digestive system or if a person has a sensitive digestive system.
  • In a juice drink, nutrients are readily available for absorption and are present in larger quantity. This ensures a higher intake of nutrients.
  • Juices are a great way of filling the nutrition gap for people who go days without eating fruits and veggies. 

A Juice drink leaves behind the fibers. This makes it less filling and there are chances of getting hungry in a short interval of time. By eliminating fibers, a lot of gut-benefiting nutrients are also missed out. Making nutrients readily available for absorption, a juice made up of sugar-rich fruits or veggies can spike blood glucose levels.

Both smoothies and juices are good for health. It is just that before consuming any of these, one should look for his body needs and metabolism too.