Vikas Gupta made all heads turn when he came out as being a bisexual on his Social Media page after Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. He recieved a lot of praises for showing the courage and even revealing that he was indeed in a relationship with Parth Samthaan and Priyank Sharma. Now, that even attracted a lot of hate, criticism, and trolling. And a young boy Vansh was among those who made derogatory videos.

Vikas Gupta called a troller named Vansh who made derogatory video

Vikas Gupta shared a video on his Instgram where he can be seen interacting with few netizens who are in support of him. Further in the video Vikas even called a guy Vansh who made a derogatory remark on the producer. The video starts with Vikas Gupta saying that he expected a lot of people to come out in his support when he accepted that he is bisexual. However, Vikas revealed that he got no such response but he did mentioned about Vikas Khanna who called him and said some good words. Later, in the video he connected with netizens who supported him and a troller named Vansh.

When Vikas called Vansh and asked him why did he make such a derogatory video. Vansh told him that he made the video only to get some views on his channel and on the basis of a video made by Snaky Bhai. Sharing the video, Vikas wrote, “Unexpected Surprises in The Live today. As I have decided to be #outandabout to make my world better even the universe is helping me to do that. I dint think I would be able to get a chance to address the whole injection issue and today I did it and Vansh coming live and clearing why his video was made and why it was necessary for me to take names of #priyanksharma and #parthsamthaan who refuse to tell the world the truth and made them believe a lie that was hurting my work , people close to me and more. Thankyou I refuse to entertain people who at the cost of other people not caring about their mental well being and the families that get effected for their little likes and followers. #Bekind #vikasgupta #lostsouls.” Watch the video:

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