Reason To Have Sex Everyday

Researches have time and again proven that an active sex life can enhance your life and well being. so lets look at various other reasons to have sex daily!

1- It Stops Your Ageing Process: Researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that people who had sex at least twice a week released more antigens like immunoglobulin A, which helps fight off colds and the flu, so just think of how healthy you’d be if you had sex all seven days.

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2- Get Over Menstrual Cramps. A study done in 2000 found that 9 percent of 1,900 women were masturbating solely to get rid of their menstrual cramps. There’s no way that many masturbating women are wrong.

3- Increases Your Fertility: A new study in Fertility and Sterility found that having sex every day could help prepare your immune system for pregnancy, which is critical in terms of increasing your chances of having a baby.

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4- Makes You Genius. Studies by researchers at the University of Maryland and Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, found that mice and rats who had sex more often were also less stressed, and since stress makes your brain less able to function, that made them more intelligent thinkers.