Post Bedroom Act Things Women Do But Will Never Admit

ou do whole lot of preparation before sex like shaving your private parts, buying a sexy lingerie or washing your bed-sheets but not many women will admit of doing post sex things that most of us are certainly involved with later. Lets have a look at some  of them.
Peek At condom
Certainly most of us want to be sure of protection used foolproof. That’s the most important thing a women does post sex but will never admit.
Drink Water
It is very essential to pee at least once within an hour of having sex. So we get down drinking as much water we can to be able to do that.
Look At Your Hair
Yes after sex, your hair become such a mess that you want to see them again and again.
Hunt Down For Bra
Seriously at times we think has someone really stolen the bra, moment it hit the floor.
Check That Out
After steamy sex session with your partner you just stare yourself in mirror and pat yourself for how good you were today on bed.