Move Over Bollywood Actors, Girls Are Now Crushing Over This Handsome IPS Officer!

The Internet is a strange thing, it can bring even the simplest of men into the limelight and raise them to stardom. The new entrant in the list of the common folk who have got the attention of the internet user and become an overnight sensation is an IPS officer from Madhya Pradesh.

Sachin Atulkar is a Superintendent of Police in Madhya Pradesh and became an IPS officer at the age of 22 only. He has become an internet sensation and people are gushing over his good looks, calling him more handsome than the Bollywood actors.

Sachin considers himself a fitness freak and has been working from a small age to get this amazing body. He played Cricket at the national level in 1999 and has even won a gold medal in the same. In fact, Sachin has been trained for horse riding too and has even won a gold in the same.

He has an impeccable style of dressing and takes no time in winning the hearts of the people around him with his charms. He becomes the photographer’s favourite at every occasion and can be clicked to increase the appeal of any social gathering.

All thanks to social media for finding this handsome hunk.