Mango showers are all set in India, the harbinger of monsoon. Monsoon with greenery all around, patches of dandelions on sidewalks. Raindrops on the leaves and paper boats on the little streams. Bunching under one umbrella and the perpetual desire of dancing in the rain. India has always loved and celebrated the rain. Thousands of songs for rain from ‘sawan ka mahina’ to ‘sawan mein lag gayi aag’. There is one more thing we Indians love more than anything and that is food. For us if rain is Romeo, ‘pakode’ is the Juliet. Let me remind you of all the aesthetically delicious food I think we Indians have invented specifically for enjoying the monsoon.

Firstly, the king of rainy-day snack: Pakode. Pair it with ‘tikhi hari chutney’ and sit down on you windowsill dangling your feet out in the rain. And to all instagram-ers it’s a picture perfect moment but don’t reduce it to just that.

Second, roasted corn from the road side stall in your street with salt and lime juice. Bunching under one little umbrella on our way back from school and enjoying the crispy corns is no doubt one of our generation’s greatest memories.

Third in the race is samosa. I don’t how but is one of top snacks for any occasion. This potato and veggies stuffed snack is the Indian food 101. Fourth will be Pav Bhaji. Obviously for the authentic Indian taste of the legendary Pav Bhaji you will have to go Mumbai. Or you can just whine a while for the Mumbai taste.

Now people, the fifth and last nominee in this list is poha. My mouth is watering with just writing this. Hoard up the ingredients and binge watch all the cooking shows or just order your favorite rainy day snack.  Enjoy the monsoon, everyone.