Traders Of Connaught Place Continue Feeding The Workers & Distributing Sanitizers

While the country, its people, the rich, and the businesses across India are coming together to contribute for the welfare of the poor during this coronavirus crisis, the traders of Connaught Place, Delhi’s heart, have come together to feed the guards and workers of the area.

Almost the whole world is going through the crisis of COVID-19 and everything is under lockdown in more than 198 countries to stop the spread of Novel Coronavirus. In India, PM Modi announced complete lockdown throughout the country on 25th March. Since then, only essential services like ration, medical help etc., are being provided to people. The most affected people from this lockdown are the daily wages workers, as they cannot afford any food now neither they can pay their house rents. Since these workers are left with no money are starving from hunger because of which migrating to their hometown is the last option left for them.

Although the government has started giving food and shelters to the daily wages workers, there are many that are still fighting for meagre wages. While Many people like Bollywood Stars and other business owners have taken the initiative to feed these workers, one such initiative came into the light after we saw a line some workers and security guard who were waiting for their turn to get a meal by some people in the Connaught Place area of New Delhi.

Traders and business owners of the Connaught Place have taken the initiative to feed the worker, security guards of the area and are regularly distributing 2-time meals and they have also ensured the hygiene of the workers by giving them free mask and sanitizers. These CP people are gems as they are giving 1 morning and 1 evening tea with biscuits as well. They have provided the local police station with mask and sanitizers so that the policemen can distribute them in other areas as well.

Nearly 500 packets for lunch and other 500 for dinner are being distributed daily with a token so they can keep social distancing while all the workers are queued.

It’s been almost a week since we covered the news of traders distributing meals and Sanitizers among the workers of Connaught place. And even now, they continue to serve. We know that this is global unrest caused by this pandemic and coming together to fight it is the only way out. Like the traders and business owners are doing their bit to help those who are less privileged, we can also come up with an initiative.

Together we can!