Bollywood stars are known across the nation and even across the globe for their looks and performance. However, a look within and you can realize that it’s not the kind of world you would want to be a part of. While all the glam and the glitz attract people, the dark side of Bollywood in unknown to many. And that’s the reason why sisters of a number of Bollywood stars have decided not to become a part of this world. Throwback Pictures Of Rishi, Neetu And Ranbir Kapoor In Riddhima And Bharat’s Wedding.

Riddhima is the only daughter in the Kapoor family, who decided to stay away from the glamour world. She got married to businessman Bharat Sahani in 2006 and together they have a daughter Samara. Riddhima works as a Fashion & Jewelry Designer and Entrepreneur. In the throwback pictures of Riddhima and Bharat’s wedding, we can see Ranbir wonderfully decked up.

“Without children our wallets would be full: houses clean : anxiety levels lower : but our lives would be incomplete, Thank you for bringing a meaning to our lives and for being a reason of our existence,” Neetu Kapoor captioned the post.” If his first born was too busy and couldn’t take his call, the Bollywood veteran would be upset. After a point, it was Neetu who made him understand that since Riddhima was busy shouldering her responsibilities of being a wife, mother and a daughter-in-law, he needed to be flexible with his face-time routine,” read an excerpt from the article shared by Neetu.

Throwback Pictures Of Rishi, Neetu And Ranbir Kapoor In Riddhima And Bharat's Wedding

In a piece for NDTV previously, Riddhima described her actor-father in these many words: “My dad is as honest on Twitter as he is in real life – he is a very straightforward and that’s what’s amazing because in today’s times, we need more people like him who are not afraid to speak their mind and are totally frank about certain issues, so kudos to him.”