The Worried Congress Wants An Investigation Into The ISI Ties Of A Friend Of Captain Singh

Lieutenant General Aroosa Alam, a Pakistani journalist and close friend of Captain Amarinder Singh, has been asked to investigate Punjab’s Deputy Chief Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa for his possible links to the ISI. This is a frightening new low in the politics of the United States Congress.

Aroosa Alam and Captain Amarinder Singh

Captain Amarinder Singh reacted angrily to Sukhjinder, inquiring why he had never heard Sukhjinder express dissatisfaction with Aroosa Alam throughout the 16 years that he had served as a minister in his government. He was taken by surprise. Having formal Government of India authorisations when Aroosa landed in Punjab was not a happy happenstance. Capt Singh was intrigued to learn that the Punjab Government was accusing the NDA and the Congress-led UPA Government of colluding with the Pakistani ISI, which was a surprising turn of events in the country’s political landscape.

In the wake of the Punjab government’s decision to revive the Aroosa Alam case, several Republican members of Congress expressed surprise. Many believed that Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi pushed Home Minister Sukhjinder Singh to undertake the step to alleviate the Congress leadership or make up for some personal wrongdoing on the part of Singh.

Channi’s decision to bring Captain Singh’s personal life into the political arena has been taken aback by Punjab Congress leaders. Channi had been supported by Captain Singh when he was serving as a minister in Captain Singh’s Cabinet and was the subject of an anti-Me Too lawsuit at the time. Creating an ISI linkage case against one’s own former chief minister is a heinous act committed by the Congress administration.

Punjab’s development was accelerated by Amarinder’s decision to create a political party and join forces with the Indian National Congress, according to officials in the Congress party. A major surprise to the Congress leadership was Capt Singh’s sudden announcement of his intention to join the BJP, which came as an unexpected surprise to the Congress leadership.

Captain Singh’s decision to join the BJP came as a complete surprise. When this knowledge was made public, the whole world erupted in wrath. According to a party source, if he joins the BJP, the Congress would be effectively destroyed. Congress’ election preparations were thrown into disarray as soon as Capt Singh hinted at a possible BJP-Akali coalition. The outcome was that the United States Congress chose an inconsequential measure of retribution. The Aroosa Alam case reveals the desperation of Congress.

Given the possibility of Capt Singh working with the BJP, the AICC’s first leaving General Secretary, Harish Rawat, called into doubt his commitment to preserving the secular values of India. Lieutenant General Capt Singh, Rawat’s communications advisor, sent a series of tweets advising the general to “stop talking about secularism.”

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On October 21, orders were issued to remove Rawat from his position as commander of the Punjab division, on the same day that Capt Amarinder Singh had lambasted Rawat for questioning his secular credentials at a news conference in New Delhi. The connection between the Congress and the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra was also a matter of discussion for Captain Singh.