The Virtual Connection to Reality

By Mamta

The constant life indoors has changed the world upside down for all. Frequent emotional breakdowns, longing for the company of loved ones and the in-person coffee dates seem alike reality, taking forever to happen. And above all, the loss of close bonds due to the lacking connectivity. So, how to send the love to those who make our lives bearable?  

A video call a day, keeps the pain away

If you miss telling things to your bff sucking life out of you, video call is a considerable option. Though audio call is a potential solution too. But if those emotions on your faces and expressions that make it work is the missing factor, no worries; we have you covered for this. Make a video call and vent it out all. Let some peace make space in the life now.

Virtual dates

Visiting your favorite place with your gang can be a major missing during this time. A great alternative to this can be a virtual date with the friends. Sit together, eat together and make some new memories together! So that the distance of kilometers does not become the distance of hearts.

Tag a Friend

Being social media an inseparable part of our lives, directly or indirectly we stay in touch. The only need is to make it stronger. While scrolling the Facebook or Instagram etc. share the memes or posts that make you smile or laugh, with your loved ones. To make it more special tag them and share some smiles and laughter together.