The Stranded Stepwell; Beliefs And Myths

In the Bukru township of Kanke block of Ranchi, there is a stepwell that is two and a half hundred years old. Remains full of water even in the fierce drought. Seeing the construction of this miraculous well, even the engineers get dizzy. Three and a half feet deep in this well, there are two tunnel steps to get down. This historical monument is , however, now on the verge of collapse.

The stepwell popularly known as Rani Kuwan has been ignored by the local authorities for a long time. And time has wore down the monument. Many a times the conservation and preservation process for the stepwell has been initiated but never completed. Is the fund given lacking? Or the concerned authorities are lacking.

This is how the Rani Kuwan was constructed. 

Bukru township of Kanke block. This colony is famous for Hindu-Muslim harmony. Apart from this, a well present here has also made this township famous. The name of this well is Rani Kuwan. It is situated in Bukru Chowk. This well looks normal when viewed from a distance. But upon peeping into it, it is surprising to see its construction. This well is three and a half hundred feet deep.

People’s beliefs and Myths  

Omkarhari Sahu, a member of the well-to-do royal family, told that once a king of his family had died. When he was being cremated, he suddenly stood up. Seeing this, the people present in the cremation ground fled. Later the king reached his wife and said that one work was left. The same king built this well under the supervision of his queen. The king then told the artisans to make such a well that no one should ever be return thirsty from it. Local residents say that there was a time when all types of skin diseases were eliminated by bathing with the water of this well. People also used the water of this well in worship. People tell that Ratu Maharaj also came to see it with a team force after hearing stories of Rani Kuwan. But now this well has become dismal. When the water supply started in the houses, people went forgetting this well.

An anecdote about this well is also popular that once two people descended into it and raised its water, both the person got paralyzed. Since then, no one dares to raise its water.

This stepwell is not only a historical monument but has a cultural importance too. Apart from all this it is a water resource and it must be conserved. We hope that this report reaches the concerned authorities and they take measures in this direction.