Tahira Kashyap Khurana Pens An Emotional Note On World Cancer Day 2021; Creates Awareness For Breast Cancer

On the occasion of World Cancer Day 2021, cancer survivor Tahira Kashyap pens down a heartfelt poetry to express her emotions on battling the deadly disease. Tahira was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and has been very vocal about her struggle. She is an author, director, columnist and a very eminent icon of women empowerment. Tahira has been raising awareness about breast cancer since her diagnosis. Other than being an advocate about the disease, Tahira always spoke about what she lost or gained during the experience. She chose not to shy away from her flaws by embracing them which gave a lot of strength to other silent cancer patients and survivors.

Tahira who is married to celebrated Actor Ayushman Khurana, took to Instagram to share her poetry on social media. “This is something I had experienced and written about and still mean every word of it! Joining this year’s theme of I AM AND I WILL , I urge you all to take notice of this day, to spread awareness about early breast cancer detection, to remove any stigma associated with it and to celebrate life along with its many scars”, she wrote as the caption.

In her poetry Tahira talks specifically about scars and how we should embrace those scars in our life. She says “Show them, Flaunt them. Just like your bright smile”. People with scars internal or external sometimes try to build a wall which exempt them to love their own self. You hate your reflection in the mirror so you stop looking into it. You think you are scared so you might never find love in your life. On these fears Tahira said “Fall in love with yourself. With all that dusk, scars and cry.” She encourages her listeners to go ahead and start loving themselves because that’s when you understand how important you are for yourself.

Catch the full video here.

Tahira has also joined Ekta Kapoor and Guneet Monga for Indian Women Rising, a cinema collective to provide a platform to the content created by women filmmakers across the globe.