AAP MP Sanjay Singh Got Detained; Was Going To Take Out Tiranga Sankalp Yatra Without Permission

Aam Aadmi Party's Uttar Pradesh in-charge and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh, who reached Varanasi to lead the Tiranga Sankalp Yatra, was taken into custody by the Commissioner of Police. He was stopped and detained by the police on the Airport Road near Ganeshpur Tarnal in BHEL on Thursday morning. During this, he was also seen getting into a tussle with the policemen. He was repeatedly asking for a copy of the order on the basis of which he was stopped by the police. He said that every party is holding a rally in Varanasi. No one was stopped from coming. Under what law am I being held? Where I am going, I have come for some work, it should not matter to the police. AAP leader Sanjay Singh had reached Banaras to lead the Tiranga yatra between Kachari to Lahurabir. However, this ya...

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