India beats UK: Becomes the 3rd country to have largest number of Unicorns

Following USA at the 1st place with 487 and China at 2nd with 301 unicorns, India beats UK and replaces it at the 3rd place with 54 unicorns according to the Hurun Global Index 2021. The report says India has more than doubled the number of unicorns from last year. Not just UK, India is way ahead of countries like Germany, France, Israel, Canada, Brazil and South Korea. Moreover Bengaluru stands 7th in the list as the city with most number of unicorns in the world. Bengaluru alone comprises of 28 unicorns of India. The unicorns being talked about are not the horses with horns on their forehead (we all know they are mythical). This unicorn is a terminology used in the business world. Actually there are certain badges of honor or status given to startups based on their valuation. The...

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