Manipur Goes To Poll Amid Insurgency And Political Instability

Political leaders in Manipur are readying themselves for two-phase voting on 27th Feb and 3rd March in the coming Assembly Election. Apart from political instability, the election is being held at a time when the security forces had several skirmishes with insurgent outfits creating an atmosphere of insecurity and instability thus breaking the tenuous peace of the state. In the recent ambush and bomb blast, one Assam Rifles officer and a soldier were killed respectively. Against this backdrop, the Chief Election Commissioner has assured the people of a safe election. PREVAILING POLITICAL SITUATION In the last election, Congress won 28 seats out of 60 assembly seats and thus became the largest elected party. However, when they failed to form the govt, BJP succeeded in forming the gov...

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The Surveillance State: The Moral Cost Of Being Watched Every Time

No matter how hard political theorists try to convince, the modern nation-state system is essentially autocratic at the core. Whether you go to Germany, the United States or recent democracies like India, in whatever fabric the democracy is presented, certainly it is not close to anything like the textbook definition of democracy. As a system that has been in use for more than two hundred years with all the advanced ideas, it's the least perfect. One of the most fundamental differences between the various democracies lies not in their constitutional or legal arrangements but in the degree of autocracy they exercise visibly or invisibly.One can say that the army and the police are perhaps the most visible arm of the state in exercising their autocracy, but with limitations but what gets of...

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