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Controversial Statement Of Minister Vij On Shimla Agreement, “The 1971 War Was Lost By Politicians On The Table”

Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij is often in the discussion about his statements. Vij has once again made a controversial tweet on Vijay Diwas. He has raised questions on the Shimla Agreement by tweeting. Vij has described the war won by the soldiers in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War as a defeat on the table by politicians. He said that despite having 93 thousand prisoners of war, we did not do any bargaining. We could have taken PoK instead of leaving them. This was our biggest mistake, which we are suffering till today. Vij tweeted that 'The war won by soldiers on the battlefield in 1971, politicians lost at the table in Shimla Agreement. We had 93000 war prisoners, if we wanted, we could have taken PoK in return for releasing them, but we did not bargain. This was a big mistake, which we...

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