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Celebs On Farmer Protest: Never Ending Saga Of Online Abuse Faced By Female Celebs; Rape Threats, Slut Shaming And Harassments

Being a public figure on social media is not easy. And if you have an opinion on a political or on a social subject then it’s even harder. What makes its worse is when you are all those things and you are also a woman. We are no alien to the fact that women are more targeted on the internet when compared to men. Women are always under the radar of what they are doing, what are they wearing, who are they dating and what are they saying. In a nutshell, everything a woman does or says is calculated. And a woman with an opinion is always feared and highly abused in many ways. Cecilia Mwende Maundu, a broadcast journalist based in Kenya, also a specialist in gender-based digital safety said in an interview with UNWOMEN “Women are the main targets of online violence, especially women with...

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