Chinese Media Claims To Deploy Robotic Jawans On LAC, Indian Security Forces Shows Mirror

Chinese media has claimed that its country's army has also deployed robotic soldiers on the LAC. On this claim, high sources of Indian security forces have said that they have not yet seen any such robotic soldier. But if so, then it will prove to be very helpful for the Chinese soldiers because it is very difficult for them to bear the severe cold here. For the second year in a row, Chinese soldiers had to remain stationed This is the second consecutive year that the Chinese army decided to be stationed on the border despite the severe cold. Here the temperature is minus 20 to 40 degrees Celsius. Indian soldiers are posted here like every year this year also. Army sources told ANI that it has not seen any robotic soldier in the area so far. But if this happens, it will be of great ...

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First Female President Of Sweden Resigns On 1st Day Of Her Job

Magdalena Andersson, the first female Prime Minister of Sweden resigned on the first day of her job. She won the parliamentary approval to take on the role on Wednesday. But when her coalition partner Green Party quit their two- party coalition government and her budget failed to pass, she decided to quit. After electing the Prime Minister, the centre party withdrew its support for Andersson’s budget because, concessions were given to the ‘Left’ in the budget. And thus the parliament was unable to pass the budget proposal due to insufficient votes. The parliament later adopted a substitute budget presented by the opposition conservative moderates.  But the leader of Green Party couldn’t cope up with the opposition’s  “historic and far right” Budget . Thus they quit the govern...

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