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Geneva GHO Announced That 274 Million People Will Need Emergency Aid And Protection

On 2nd December, in Geneva GHO [Global Humanitarian Overview] announced that 274 million people will need emergency aid and protection. According to GHO this is 17% more than the last year. GHO stated that in 2021 we reached 107 million people out of 157 million , which is 70% of the target. This year GHO is targeting 183 million people with aid. GHO requires funding of approximately US$41 billion to fulfill this target. GHO is the world's most comprehensive, authoritative and evidence based assessment of humanitarian needs. UN Humanitarian Chief Martin Griffiths told that the climate crisis is affecting the vulnerable people first and worst. The effects of climate change are devastating and maybe irreversible too. GHO Chief also said that we are appealing globally so that we can get...

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