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Uttar Pradesh Elections: Central-Yogi Government Is Giving Financial Assistance Of Up to 30 Thousand Rupees Annually To Every Family

Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh has started giving Rs 500 per month to every worker registered with the e-Shramik Card scheme. This amount is Rs 6000 per year. If a family has a husband and wife and a single child above the age of 16 years take advantage of this scheme, then this benefit per family becomes 18 thousand rupees annually. Most of the labor families in UP are farmers, who are additionally getting the benefit of 'Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi' of Rs 6000 per year from the central government. This way, with the cooperation of the Central-State Government, UP has prepared a strategy of providing financial assistance of Rs 24 thousand to poor of Uttar Pradesh. Since the Central-State Government has also started the scheme of providing free ration to all the poor families, ...

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