Swara Bhasker has always voiced her opinion against any and every matter. Be it about the casteism prevalent in the society, the patriarchy, or the stereotypical thinking of people in the Indian society, she has always been vocal. She gets trolled and criticized due to the same but she has always given a befitting reply to trolls and who questions her morality.  Recently, she expressed her opinion on TikTok controversy and criticized one of the TikToker who is making inappropriate content on the platform which shows aggression and violence against women.

Swara shared a video on her Twitter handle which is a compilation of TikTok star Faizal Siddiqui’s all the controversial clips which is indirectly promoting violence and acid attack on women. She wrote, “Hey @TikTok_IN why and how are you allowing this kind of content -which is SO obviously celebrating and promoting aggression and violence against women, and perpetrating false misogynistic stereotypes -to be published & viewed freely on your platform??? #Shame.”

In a response to the tweet, a journalist asked the actor that the same thing happens in the movies and if a tiktoker doing the same, why you are criticisng them? In another tweet, the journalst wrote, while he is also against such acts but he needs an answer from the Swara by calling her ‘Tumse’. This one word irked the actress and she replied, “आपसे सवाल” – गुरप्रीत जी.. तमीज़ से बात करें- हम दोस्त नहीं हैं! ‘आपके’ सवाल का दूसरे tweet में जवाब है।  (Aapse sawal – Gurpreet Ji, tameez se baat karo, hum dost nahi hai! Aapke sawal ka dusre tweet mein jawab hai)”

Take a look at the tweets:

She then replied to the journalist question by tweeting, “Every time films have promoted or ‘normalized’ anti-women pranks, sexist stereotypes or gender-based violence — and it has often happened — many people have questioned it! What is your problem with questions? And yes…. it is wrong to romanticize violence on women!”

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