Swara Bhaskar is one of those Bollywood actresses who do not
shy away from sharing their political views openly. While a majority of the
Bollywood stars have been mum about the recent protests and the actions being
taken by the government, Swara Bhaskar has been one vocal chord it all. She has
been constantly voicing her opinion and sharing her solidarity with the
students and the protestors.

From raising an alarm the minute she heard of the violence
(Swara’s parents stay in the JNU campus) to urging Delhi Chief Minister Arvind
Kejriwal to rush to ground zero to mobilize the police, Swara’s Twitter
timeline is a testimony to the heinous and savage nature of the attacks on the
student and teachers of the university, and the rage thousands of Indians are
seething with at the moment.

And she isn’t just about voicing her opinion but also about
slamming anyone who takes a jibe at her. She does not take any bullshit from
anyone. And recently, Ayushmann Khurrana’s Dream Girl director Raaj Shaandilya
was at the receiving end of Swara Bhaskar’s slamming after he made a very
distasteful tweet targeted at the actress.

He wrote, “Sasti cheezon par dhyan naa dein, ‘Swara Bhaskar’ se mehenga ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ bikta hai.” Swara totally demolished him with her words, she wrote, “अगली बार role offer करने और आपकी फ़िल्म के trailer को share करने की request वाले messages भेजने के पहले आप भी ‘सस्ती हरकतों’ के बारे में थोड़ा सोच लेना! 🙂 Good luck sir! :)”