Sonam Kapoor has received a lot of hate after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. The video of not knowing Sushant in an episode of Koffee with Karan went viral and since then she and her family have been receiving so much hate that she even had to stop comments on her Instagram profile. Now, Rhea Kapoor sister of Sonam Kapoor has received the same comments and some have even sent death threats.

Recently, Sonam Kapoor and her sister Rhea Kapoor shared some stories on their Instagram handle where they’ve shared how this photo-sharing application isn’t ready to take down those comments as they aren’t against their privacy or security guidelines. After getting a response from Instagram that they didn’t find it against their community standards, Kapoor sisters decided to teach a lesson to Instagram by sharing screenshots of their responses to the producer’s complaints.

The response from Instagram read, “We found that this comment likely doesn’t go against our Community guidelines. If you think we did a mistake, please report again.” Rhea wrote, “Instagram, seriously?? Now let’s have a look at the comment. This has happened multiple times,” “ Of course, I will block this individual but are you doing your part go keep this ‘community’ safe? Tap to see the comment.”  To which, an angry Sonam reposted and added, “Instagram doesn’t think death threat is a violation. Or their India team can’t read Hindi.” Take a look at the screenshot:

Sonam Kapoor and sister Rhea Kapoor on Instagram

Further, Sonam shared the screenshot of the death threat that was directed at her sister, Rhea. “Just charming. Of course, I’m happy to block most unnecessarily hateful people without giving it a thought but what pisses me off is a death threat that isn’t against your community guidelines, Instagram?,” read Rhea’s caption. Check out the post:

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