With the lingering risk of Corona virus over our heads, there isn’t much that people are doing with respect to the time that they earlier used to spend outdoors. With the strict restrictions imposed by the government, everyone, including our famous B-town celebs are forced to stay indoors for the better. So when it comes to making peace with the never ending isolation and boredom that seems to go nowhere, our all-time busy actors and celebrities have come up with different ideas to tackle the feeling of despair and hopelessness.

Where some have have turned up to pursuing their hobbies that they earlier didn’t get much time for, some have been devoting their time in indulging in mind positivity exercises. One such actress, Sonali Bendre admits that though  it was hard not to feel despair and lost amid all the chaos due to the virus, reading positive and hopeful stories from around the world helped the actress in building her mental health immensely.

Opening about her lost state of mind during the lockdown via an Instagram post, Sonali wrote, ‘When the world as we know it is in chaos, we can’t help but feel despair. I did… I sat with it, I connected with it and I had a conversation with it. But I soon realized if I gave into it… everything would be lost.”

Sharing screenshots of stories about people coming up with innovative ideas to fight the crisis or helping one another during the uncertain times, she credited the stories of all the people out there and further elaborated her post with, “So I kicked it out the door and put on my cloak of hope because I realized in all that despair, there is always someone somewhere who will give you hope. These are the stories that brought me out of the darkness and I think we all need to see and hear more. If you have any such stories to share, please, please send them to me and hopefully, we can hold onto them and find our way back to light.
#OneDayAtATime 😄