Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna’s son Aarav shared a hilarious picture of her mother on their family chat group. Making fun of her he says that she has been possessed by a demon.

Twinkle Khanna took to her Instagram to share a picture uploaded by her son on their family chat group. The picture was captioned “Neighbors report shocking news as Twinkle Khanna has allegedly been possessed by a demon. Take a look at her demonic ritual in the communal garden”. On her son’s mischief Twinkle said, “Who needs enemies when you have a son puts this up on the family chat . By the way, I was doing a ‘bent -over reverse dumbbell fly’ a term I would not even know a year ago. #workingatit”.


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And soon after the post, her comment sections were flooded with people mocking and making even more fun than her son about Twinkle’s picture. Director Abhishek Kapoor commented, “Why don’t u see a baba kiroli… he has healed many possessed by this mata mirgi…”. To which Twinkle replied, “Mr Bibet, it’s better if you consult Rajat Baba on how to practice Maun Vrat!”.

Many of Twinkle’s fans also commented on the post. One wrote, “Haha!!! Guess he has the funny genes of Mrs. Funnybones..”, another said “Akhir beta bhi Akshay Kumar ka hai”. Most of the comments were about complementing the humor of Twinkles’ son Aarav and how they are all about family goals.