Social Media: The Universal Stage, Connecting People

Social media are the websites, applications and other platforms which helps us create and customize our social network. It has a vast reach covering the whole of globe. Social media platforms started out as platform to connect with people and develop friendship and kinship. A platform to share their thoughts and feelings. It has now become the universal stage for all business and art.

Social media as a stage:
  1. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook has become a stage to all performing arts. You can upload videos of your dance, music and songs and get recognition.
  2. Artists can share the snaps of their painting, sketches etc. and get recognition from gallery owners.
  3. Interested in poetry? you can upload poetry and get a chance at stand-up poetry.
  4. You can start tutorials for make-up, skin care, art and much more.
  5. If you want to start a business, you can now even sell your products via social media sites through a business account. You pair up with other business and start doing paid promotions.
  6. Writers can also write quotes, essays, articles and earn money through their own blog.
Other perks of social media
  1. Firstly, it has become a very reachable resource for imparting education. Pandemic made us realize how much we need the social media. Teachers can now teach the students via social media platforms and upload videos.
  2. Secondly, the teachers now can obviously,  be reached out by students easily.
  3. It gives global exposure to your art, business, work and even problems. Many cases of crime has been brought to justice because of the support of the whole world via the social media platforms.
  4. Job opportunities from all over the world are getting more under reach due to social media sites like LinkedIn.
  5. With a lot of news channels being partial, social media has also become a reliable source for news from all around the world.