We have all been struggling with our new locked lifestyle because this so new and suffocating to us. Our each and every work was somehow linked together. For instance, I used to wake up in the morning one and a half hour before the time my school bus used to arrive. But now there is no school so I can sleep in. Let’s take another example, our nails and hair were used to get checked for tidiness, trust me when I say I never knew how messy I could be. Apparently, I am not the only messy girl around here, turns out, most of us are struggling because our self-discipline is violated. We never realized how much our every action depended on each other.


The earliest memory of my school life is of our Principal Ma’am. Telling us to make a weekly routine for home and follow it religiously. Obviously, being the nerd queen, I was I made the routine every week and but let’s say that was the limit of my nerdiness. As much as I should have, I never followed the routine. Consequently, I never had self- discipline and therefore I did what I wanted to, when I wanted to. As shown in the examples above my works were depended on each other like a chain. And if you break a link, obviously, you will break the whole chain.


And break the chain, I did. Everything was affected Because of this. I did not sleep on time neither did I wake up on time. Breakfast dinner lunch all of my meals were pushed around. So, I started having stomach aches. Sleeping in resulted in migraines which led to insomnia. I can go on but the point is regularity is important for our body to work and hence, self-discipline is too.

These are the things I did to put my life back on track:
  1. Fix your bed time because this is the most important part. To bring regularity we need divide time slots for all our chores. And what is the most basic category? Conscious and unconscious.
  2. Do your morning routine religiously. Don’t think about everything on your plate just do one thing at a time.
  3. Make a simple task to be done before your online classes or your work from home and do it religiously. This will stop you going back to bed and taking a really long nap. The task can be anything, make a coffee or water your garden.
  4. Talk to people when you feel like procrastinating.
  5. Appreciate everything you did however little that might be and think about how good it will be to do a little more.