Girls love their makeup to the core. Leave a girl in Sephora with a card and she would shop till the account balance turns zero. And this shopping urge grows stronger when you are a celebrity daughter. Palak Tiwari, daughter of Shweta Tiwari is a Fashionista. She loves to shop till her heart drops. And on her 16th birthday, she gave her mom a little heart attack when she purchased make-up products worth Rs. 1 lakh 80 thousands. She brought products worth 7-8 thousands. Here’s what the mother did when her daughter went crazy shopping for

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her 16th birthday.

shweta tiwari daughter palak

While talking to Pinkvilla, Shweta Tiwari revealed that she went on and shopped makeup product worth Rs 1.8 lakhs for her daughter. She also revealed that she wanted a baby boy not a baby girl during her second pregnancy. The actress said, “On her 16th birthday, she went and shopped for like 1 lac 80 thousand worth of makeup.”

Shweta further added, “Such expensive products, ek ek eyeshadows iske 7-7 hazaar 8-8 hazaar ke…I called my family and said, ‘It’s time! I want a son’ I cannot afford so much. I cannot have another daughter.” The actress revealed that Palak had purchased branded makeup products like eyeshadows worth Rs 7000 and Rs 8000 on her 16th Birthday and mentioned that it was the moment when she called her family and shared that she wanted a son the second time as she couldn’t afford so much.

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