Social media has provided everyone with a sleek passage to get into celebrities’ personal lives and comment on it. Many stars have received notorious comments from internet trolls and low-minded people. And one of the latest among those names is Shveta Salve. She recently received a lot of criticism for posting an intimate kiss photo with hubby. But her reply is savage AF.

Shveta Salve

In an interview with TOI, the actress shared a message for trollers who spams her inbox with negativity without even reading the caption. “Every picture of mine comes with my opinion in the captions. Hence, I always urge my followers to take time to read, and not just swipe, browse and judge it with a fleeting glance. There’s more than what meets the eye. There’s always a positive message or a patient ear for anyone, who reaches out to me through my direct messages and I respond to everyone. Today, with the way things are unfolding across the world, we need to be more open and welcoming rather than judge and suppress ourselves. It’s an open account, if anyone is offended, they always have the option to unfollow me,” she said.

Take a look at the picture:

Shveta Salve kissing her husband

The actress added, “Social media is huge propaganda by itself. What you choose to share is your prerogative. I am an artist and use my medium as an expression of artistic views. I am also an actor, performer, entrepreneur, businesswoman, but above all that, I’m a mother. I am sensitive enough to know when to voice my opinion. I have openly spoken about body positivity, anxiety, depression and believe in living freely without unbiased judgmental opinion.”

Earlier, the actress was trolled for drinking and smoking despite being a mother. But Shveta didn’t only give them a befitting reply but posted the pictures doing things what people hate.

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